S&S Electronic GmbH – Your contact person

We are happy to reply to any questions your have about qualified pre-assembled cables and lines. We can provide you extensive information about our services and our product range. If you would also like to learn more about distribution and sales of cables and lines, we are happy to help. You can speak with your personal S&S contact person about this and much more.

Certified Business Graduate Eva Dallmann

Managing Director

Phone: +49 (37467) 543-0

Norbert Bause

Managing Director

Phone: +49 (37467) 543-0

Certified Business Graduate René Dallmann

Factory Director

Phone: +49 (37467) 543-212

Simone Gündel

Sales/Order Processing

Phone: +49 (37467) 543-285

Isabel Männel


Phone: +49 (37467) 543-210

Jörg Männel

Technical Director

Phone: +49 (37467) 543-160

Katja Schönherr

Technical Inquiries

Phone: +49 (37467) 543-215

Michael Horn


Phone: +49 (37467) 543-270

Madeleine Gläß B. A.

Human Resources

Phone: +49 (37467) 543-260


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