Masterfully pre-assembled cable from the top provider

Thanks to the data storage in our plant, we are able to produce orders of every size reliably and extremely profitably. The pre-assembly system with rolling bearings and computer-controlled cutting and coating machine processes with a profile up to 35 mm and a length up to 1,000 m. The highly precise step motor controls of the cutter produce exact and clean cuts without damaging the cables. Next, the mechanical spooling of the coated lines follows. This enables the finished cable sets to be processed further without complications. Upon request, we can print the control lines and also mount all of the connectors. Your machine and system parts are connected free of problems and communicate securely with control systems and control elements.


For a mobile working machine, single conductor Seal seals in the Super-Seal plug, heat-sealed shrink tubing over plug and corrugated tube

connecting cable

Silicone cable assembled with grommet and partially insulated blade receptacle

BNC-connection cable

With preassembled screw connection

grounding wire

With partially insulated ring terminals, crimped with pneumatic crimping press

Grounding wire set

With flat receptacles

flat conductor

With mullion connectors

seal and twisting


Strands on electromechanical component (buzzer)

temperature limiter

Stranded wires with fully insulated flat plug and heat protection hose

connection cable

With angled plug M12 and coupling M8

connecting line

From single strands with fabric hose

connecting line

From single strands with connector strips, tied with cable ties