S & S Electronic GmbH – Strong principles guide our successful actions.

Independent economical, ecological, and social responsibility is strongly anchored in our corporate culture. All of these connected values form the basis of our daily commitment to the market. They provide the guidelines for arranging our relationships with business partners, authorities, media, and the public. Furthermore, they act as binding principles of conduct for loyal cooperation between our employees.

Data and facts

Founded in 1993, S & S Electronic GmbH now employs around 150 people at its attractive location in Klingenthal, Germany. Your products and our products are produced on a premises of around 4,500 m². More than 300 companies from a variety of industries order their products from us. From rail and off-highway vehicle technology, the electronics production industry, air conditioner and cooling technology, large-scale kitchens and catering equipment to mechanical engineering. Is your industry missing? Then we should change that.

Quality and environmental awareness

Excellent quality and quality assurance are the supporting pillars of our company. From the start, our operations have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. This was revised later according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Our certified quality management system ensures continuously outstanding quality, even in case of customer-specific solutions. We take responsibility for the environment with the help of our practical environmental management system. Introduced as early as 2004, it continuously ensures and improves environmental protection. This is certified by corresponding audits as per ISO 14001.

Company development

We take advantage of our opportunities on the market with sustainable success. We manufacture electronic connections from wire strands to controls. We continue to expand our modern production equipment and our technology advantages with permanent investment. We consistently develop matching solutions to meet the needs of our customers. As a mid-sized, owner-operated company, we are dedicated to creating a constructive future with our business partners.

Our customers

We support cooperative partnerships with our international customers. In case of various company sizes and industries, we are a valued partner and a reliable and flexible service provider. Primarily, we are active in the areas of rail technology and electronics production, professional cooking technology and vehicle construction, medical technology and mechanical engineering, but we are also involved in new energy and drive technology, sports, recreation, and rehab technology, as well as measuring, control, and process technology. Our coordinated actions are equally characterised by open, binding communication, and by fair, harmonious treatment.

Employees and us

Engaged and motivated, we care about respectful and appreciative cooperation. We plan the positive development of our company hand-in-hand. High technical qualifications, constant further education, and regular training courses empower us to master growing challenges. Valuable experiences, important information, and in-depth knowledge are responsibly passed on. Our trust is based on reciprocity. We enable the combination of family and career with flexibility.

Technical equipment

Our machine park makes state-of-the-art manufacturing possible. With our large range of fully automatic machines, which are also able to be equipped with options for fitting housings and automated installation of seals, the right machine is always available for the upcoming order. This enables a smooth production produce and special cost efficiency. In addition to technical production standards at the highest level, we offer options for ultrasound welding, drilling, and splicing.

Crimp to crimp Komax Zeta 633
Komax Alpha 356
Komax Gamma 333
Komax Gamma 311

Komax Kappa 350
Komax Kappa 235
Ramatech Speedy
Crimper Schleuniger Unicrimp 200
Mecal P170
Komax BT722
AMP G-Terminator 1000
AMP 3K40
Z+F Unic LS
Z+F CM23-3
Stripper Schleuniger CS5500
Cosmic 927R
Cosmic 48R
Schleuniger US2015
Z+F AM Auto 16-20
Z+F AM 01
AM Allround
Splicen ACS 2000
Ultrasonic welding Ultra Sonic
Microsection lab MicroLab 30
Labeling Weidmüller PrintJet Advanced
Weidmüller THM MMP
Murrplastik Pictor 2
Leibinger Jet 2
IMS 295 BC / MC
CAB A4+300
CAB A4+M 300
CAB M4 203
Lead twist Lead Twist SP